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Forscope Reseller Program

Raise your profit from software by becoming our partner!

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Stable company

We have more than 10 years’ experience with selling used software and during this time, we provided software products to more than 50 000 business customers across Europe.

Higher profit margin

You can enjoy a much higher profit margin than you normally would – just by selling software products supplied by our company!

Licensing consultancy

Thanks to our extensive licensing knowledge, we can recommend not only the right, but also the cheapest solution tailored to any organization's needs.

Legal guarantees

Along with audit-ready documentation we provide a lifetime legal guarantee ensuring risk-free purchases.

Biggest in the CEE region

We have representatives in 9 European countries who help us maintain a local approach for each country.

References and past projects

Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.

Electrical energy provider, Slovakia

The biggest electrical power provider in Slovakia wanted to upgrade older versions of their software that was used by their employees. Apart from saving on costs, their data continues to be protected with regular security updates and their productivity can increase!

Savings: 72%

Nemocnica Poprad

Hospital, Slovakia

The main hospital in Poprad needed to buy newer versions of Microsoft Office products for their employees. Our offer (which was chosen in a public tender) allowed the hospital to get software products at an 80% lower price than if they bought new ones! The saved assets can now be used for a highly needed equipment in favour of both patients and doctors.

Savings: 80%

Město Příbram

City, Czech Republic

The city of Příbram needed to upgrade its server software for their internal communication. By purchasing products from us, they saved more than 15 000 €, which, to give you an idea, corresponds to the amount they will spend on repairing their landmark – the granite fountain.

Savings: 15 000 €
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Cooperation and certification


How can you achieve 3 times higher margin by selling used software to your customers?

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Mateusz Drozdowski

Mateusz Drozdowski

Product Manager

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  • Up to 50% lower product prices
  • Licensing consultations for projects by a BSA certified specialist
  • Possibility to pay by invoice
  • Dedicated Sales Manager
  • Assistance with preparation of legal documentation for projects

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We are a Microsoft partner, won’t selling used software be a problem for us?

We have many long-term reseller partners who are also Microsoft partners and as far as we know, it’s never caused any issues. They often use our solution for presenting an alternative offer. We can also buy up redundant software products, which makes their offer even more competitive. Plus, we are a Microsoft partner ourselves.

What exactly will we receive once we make an order?

You will receive a digital certificate that contains all required documentation for your purchased products. Thanks to our Final Customer Data feature, this certificate will be issued both for you and your customer (with their own data). The certificate for your customer will list you as a supplier. You will also receive instructions on how to download, install, and activate the products.

Is used software legal?

Yes, it is. A customer who purchased perpetual software within the EU/EEA market can (by EU law) transfer the ownership rights of his/her purchased software copy to someone else. Such activity does not require any acceptance or authorization from the software copyright owner (e.g. Microsoft) as their distribution rights have been exhausted upon the first sale. To put it more simply, it works similarly to when you buy a book – once you read it, you can freely sell it to someone else. And the original seller has no right to influence what happens to the already once sold book in the future. With software, it’s just the same – once it’s uninstalled from the original owner’s device, it can be sold to someone else.

For more information, read our Legal background of used software article.

Does used software receive updates (security patches, fixes) from the software manufacturer?

Yes, it does. Used software products receive all security updates, fixes and security patches released by the manufacturer, in accordance with the lifecycle policy for each specific product. They also come with the same features and standard technical support as provided by Microsoft or any other software manufacturer. There is no difference between updates for used software bought from us and  new software sold directly by the software manufacturer.

What does the software buy-up process look like?

Every buy-up deal starts with a company, or organization sending us a list of software products they’d like to sell. Upon acceptance by our Purchasing Manager, they’re provided with a quotation from us. At the same time, we ask them to give us more information about the software products and provide us with all required documents confirming their ownership rights. These documents always need to be included for the transfer to be fully legal. We assist the companies every step of the ownership transfer if needed, so that it is as smooth as possible. Once all documents are gathered and a contract is signed, the company issues an invoice and delivers the products to us.

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