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Software audit

Keep your licensing status under control

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Not sure if your software licenses comply with legal and licensing rules? Wondering if you're not under-licensed? Our Software audit service has got you covered!

How can your organization benefit from a software audit?

Our Software audit service can help with:

  • Identifying potential issues with license compliance, so that you avoid costly legal fines caused by under-licensing or missing documentation.
  • Recognizing redundant software licenses, which might be suitable for a buy-up.

Who is the software audit suitable for?

Our software audit is an ideal solution for companies with 50 or more employees.

It's especially useful in the following cases:

  • when assessing if software licensing in your organization is correct and up to date;
  • when you’re unsure about the legality of your licenses;
  • when you’re unable to locate all necessary documents for your software products;
  • after organizational changes, such as an increase or decrease in the number of employees;
  • when changing infrastructure by adding more hardware servers or user workstations.

Don’t leave these situations to chance and let us help!

How does the audit process look?

Our straightforward and efficient audit process starts with a tailored proposal based on your specific needs and requirements. Our licensing experts will evaluate your current status, cross-referencing the software you use with the necessary documents. The audit report will include information on the present licensing status of your software and hardware along with recommendations for necessary changes, if needed.

Free consultation

If you're not sure if your organization needs an audit, we offer a free consultation. We will go through all your questions and, if you’d like, create a free quote for you based on the amount of software and hardware your company would like us to assess.

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