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Software license legality verification

Let us verify the legality of your used software!

Have you purchased used software products from other sellers, or e-shops and you’re not confident they are legally compliant? With our new Software legality verification service you can stop doubting and easily find the answer!

What is our legality verification service about?

We are the first in the industry to offer customers a way to verify that their Office, Windows, or Microsoft server used perpetual software products are fully legal. We understand how difficult it can be for organizations who don’t know what documentation they would need for an audit to determine, if they have everything that is required by the law. And that’s exactly the moment when our service comes into play.

When and why use this service?

The service was created based on feedback from customers who had purchased used software from other sellers and later realized they might lack necessary documents for a potential audit. For example, having purchased only a license key, but not an actual software license. At Forscope, we understand the importance of ensuring the legality of your software and we’re here to help!

This service is especially suitable when you:

  • purchased used software at suspiciously low prices, 
  • received questionable documentation, 
  • ordered from a supplier outside the EU, or from e-shops that do not have a real-life physical office and a traceable address.

What does the verification process look like?

  1. First, you will get in touch with us and provide information about what software licenses you would like us to verify. 
  2. Once you send us the necessary documents, we will conduct a thorough check to find out if your licenses are legal and compliant.
  3. You will receive information about the result of the verification process.

Please note: We take the confidentiality of our clients very seriously. That's why we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with every client to ensure that any information you share with us remains strictly confidential.


Our service costs 100 €, excluding VAT, regardless of the number of licenses you want to verify, which makes it a very affordable and convenient solution for any organization.

Want to avoid potential legal issues?

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