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Get paid for your redundant software!

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Does your company or organization own perpetual software products you no longer need? If the products meet certain conditions, we can buy them from you!

How much can you earn for your software products?

The sum of how much you can get will differ significantly based on which products you would like to sell and in what amount. But to give you a general idea, take a look at the example of a software buy-up below.

How come you offer a software buy-up?

Forscope is a software broker, which means that we not only sell software, but buy it as well. There are certain conditions (both from the legal point of view and our company’s view) that need to be met for the buy-up to happen, but they’re fairly simple. Take a look at the list of conditions:

Conditions for a software buy-up:

  • You represent a company or an organization (we do not buy software from individuals).
  • The products that you own are perpetual (no subscriptions), were acquired legally, and you have proof of their ownership and authenticity.
  • We can only buy out certain software as we have to take into consideration the amount, type, and year of release of your software products. We are interested in buying the following versions of mentioned software – Microsoft releases 2013 or newer, Autodesk releases 2013 or newer, VMware vSphere 7.0 or newer, Oracle 18c or newer, Adobe CS6, SolidWorks, Solid Edge. Please contact us by filling-in the form below for more information.

Interested in selling your redundant software?

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