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Public Sector

Save both money and time with used software from us!

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How can we help you save resources?

Save on software costs

Used software brings significant cost savings that you can then use for other necessary equipment, or projects. With used software, our customers usually save between 50-80% of costs in comparison with buying it for regular market prices!

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Save on time

Not sure which products to choose? Worried about setting up a public tender document for software correctly? Make use of our free consultations! We can help you speed up the whole software acquiring process as we have years of experience with projects for the public sector.

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Get paid for unneeded software

Did you know you could get money for software you no longer need?If you have perpetual software products that you don’t use anymore, we could buy them from you (under certain conditions). Find out more information about this possibility by clicking the link below.

Find out how does software buy-up work

So what exactly is used software?

Used software is any software that was previously owned by someone and who then decided to sell it further. The most common reason is that the software product becomes redundant as its owner wants to upgrade to a newer version for example.

Forscope is a software broker – we buy redundant software products (that meet all necessary requirements) from companies and then sell them to our customers.

There’s no difference between new and used software in terms of functionality – it is still the same software product.

Is used software legal?

Yes, it is. The situation regarding the legal background of used software has been developing gradually over a long time. It eventually resulted in a very clear decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in 2012 which confirmed it is legal to sell previously owned software. Learn more about the legal history of used software in our article.

Used software and public procurements

When there’s a public procurement, many institutions set the conditions in a very discriminatory way (e.g. allow only “new” software products, require a VLSC portal etc.). This goes against the core principles of open competition and equal treatment and makes the whole public procurement very vulnerable as the unfair demands are easily appealable in court. We have an easy solution, though – our free consultations!

Free consultations

What can we help you with?

Product selection

Not sure which products to choose for your institution needs, or in terms of proper licensing? We’re here to help! Thanks to our extensive licensing knowledge and certified specialists, we are able to recommend products that will suit you the most.

Preparation of documents for public procurements

Do you need to prepare a public tender document? We can advise you on what should and shouldn’t be included in the demands and conditions, so that it is in full compliance with the law. That also applies for procurements containing both software and hardware.

We provide this consultancy free of charge, so it won’t create any additional costs for you and will save you time and human resources. Plus, you can build on the acquired knowledge when creating future tenders!

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Some of our realized projects

Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.

Electrical energy provider, Slovakia

The biggest electrical power provider in Slovakia wanted to upgrade older versions of their software that was used by their employees. Apart from saving on costs, their data continues to be protected with regular security updates and their productivity can increase!

Savings: 72%

Nemocnica Poprad

Hospital, Slovakia

The main hospital in Poprad needed to buy newer versions of Microsoft Office products for their employees. Our offer (which was chosen in a public tender) allowed the hospital to get software products at an 80% lower price than if they bought new ones! The saved assets can now be used for a highly needed equipment in favour of both patients and doctors.

Savings: 80%

Město Příbram

City, Czech Republic

The city of Příbram needed to upgrade its server software for their internal communication. By purchasing products from us, they saved more than 15 000 €, which, to give you an idea, corresponds to the amount they will spend on repairing their landmark – the granite fountain.

Savings: 15 000 €

Our customers

  • Příbram City
  • Jičín City
  • Košice City
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
  • Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
  • Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic
  • Bratislava City
  • The Municipality of District 4, Budapest
  • Poprad Hospital
  • Brno Military Hospital
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Cooperation and certification

Need software for your institution or consult a public procurement?

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Are you able to help us with writing a public procurement according to the law?

Yes, we are. We have years of experience with realizing projects for public institutions and legal analysis from a law agency, that confirm the lawfulness of the used software presence in public procurements. With our help, you can be sure that your public procurement will meet all necessary requirements as well as the principle of fair competition.

We can for example provide:

  • recommendations for software products that would be the most suitable for your institution’s needs
  • clear and exact technical specification for required software products
  • information about compulsory data for base documentation for used software products
  • advice on what should and shouldn't be included when putting together tender document specifications
Are the OEM/Retail software products suitable for public institutions?

We do not offer OEM/Retail types of products, only those from the Volume distribution channel. In general, OEM/Retail software has many disadvantages in comparison with Volume products and can cause unnecessary complications for you and your employees, so we do not advise you to purchase it.

OEM/Retail products can only be activated one by one which can get lengthy and tedious when you purchase dozens of products. What’s more, their transferability is quite complicated, and sometimes is not possible at all. Plus, their management is very demanding since there is no option for centralized changes for all products at once.

Volume products, on the other hand, allow batch activation with only 1 product key, are very easy to transfer from one device or user to another, can be managed centrally via a free VAMT tool and overall bring many other advantages.

Will your products pass a software audit?

Yes, they will. If an audit occurs in your company, or organization, you are obliged to prove you have acquired your software products legally – by showing the documentation you’ve received when buying them. Since our company provides complete ownership documentation as well as audit assistance if needed, there's no reason for you to encounter any problems during an audit of products you’ve purchased from us. Our company has delivered more than 700 000 software licenses and we have never come across a single case of negative ruling in a software audit of the products that we provide.

Can there be any technical issues with used software products?

If the software is installed, activated, and used according to its specifics, there is no reason why it would suddenly stop working (e.g. become deactivated) solely on its own. There’s no difference between new and used software in terms of functionality – it is still the same software product, with the same source file being used for installation.

Technical functionality and software performance is heavily dependent on changes on the manufacturer's side (released updates and fixes), but as far as activation status of the product is concerned, there's no reason for any issues to occur. In case you need help with activation of products that you’ve purchased in our eshop, we can always provide all the necessary help and assistance. 

Does used software receive updates (security patches, fixes) from the software manufacturer?

Yes, it does. Used software products receive all security updates, fixes and security patches released by the manufacturer, in accordance with the lifecycle policy for each specific product. They also come with the same features and standard technical support as provided by Microsoft or any other software manufacturer. There is no difference between updates for used software bought from us and  new software sold directly by the software manufacturer.

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