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Forscope webinars: Learn more about used software from our experts!

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11. 5. 2022

Did you know that any type of organisation can save up to 70% on software costs?
Or that resellers can multiply their profit up to several times from selling software?

With used software from Forscope it’s easy!

To help our customers understand what benefits used software can bring them, we now organize webinars tailored to the needs of specific groups of our customers: software resellers [IT_PARTNERS], commercial companies [B2B], and public sector organizations [PUBLIC_SECTOR].

Join our webinars and learn about what used software is, its legal background, the main benefits it can bring your company or organization, and why choose Forscope as your software supplier. The only thing you need to do is to register.

Upcoming webinars:
For commercial companies [B2B]

How can used software help you save on costs?

18.01.2024 14:00

For software resellers [IT_PARTNERS]

How can software buy-ups and used software boost your bottom line?

12.12.2023 11:00

For public sector organizations [PUBLIC_SECTOR]

Currently we don't have a webinar prepared for this type of organizations. Please contact us and we will prepare an individual videocall for you.

Estimated length: 40 minutes + Q&A

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