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Slovak electricity company: More than 70% of software costs saved thanks to our solution!

  • Case study

4. 8. 2021

Sometimes it might be hard to imagine how much your company could actually save on software when ordering from us without seeing real examples. That’s why, with the consent of our customer, we’ve prepared an overview of a project which was finalized quite recently – in February 2021. You can see the details of the project below.

Software solution for a Slovak electricity company


Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.

Founded in 2002, Slovenské elektrárne provides electrical energy both to the industrial sector and to households in 3 European countries. The company has more than 3 500 employees and was named the biggest firm in Slovakia by the Forbes magazine in 2015.


Originally requested products

  • Visio 2019 Standard
  • Visio 2019 Professional
  • Project 2019 Standard
  • Project 2019 Professional

Supplied products

  • Visio 2019 Professional
  • Project 2019 Professional

Since the support for Visio 2010 and Project 2010 ended in 2020, the customer wanted to upgrade the software to keep their sensitive data fully protected. Originally, they requested around 300 pieces of both Standard and Professional editions of Visio and Project 2019. As the cheapest option for them was to get all products in the form of the Professional edition, we convinced them to use this opportunity and save even more.

This is not an unusual situation for us as some products are considerably easier to obtain in higher numbers than others. So it only makes sense to provide a more comprehensive edition/version to our customers because they’re getting more features while paying less!


The total savings of our customer reached an incredible 72%, which meant they paid hundreds of thousands of euro less than if they had bought the products at a regular market price. Have a look at the table below to see the amounts of costs saved for each product as well as the total savings for the whole project:

Visio 2019 Professional 150 pcs 68%
Project 2019 Professional 270 pcs 73%
  TOTAL 72% of overall costs
*in comparison with regular market price

The product prices that you can find on our website apply when you’re ordering only a few pieces, but in case of bigger projects (worth at least 2 000 €), we are able to create very attractive individual price offers.

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