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Liability insurance – additional assurance for risk-free purchases

  • Legality

31. 3. 2023

When it comes to used software, we at Forscope are constantly striving to make the decision to purchase from us as easy as possible for our customers, and to reassure them that their business will be safe and secure with our products. We therefore contacted Vienna Insurance Group (specifically Kooperativa, Czech branch of VIG), who vouched for our company and provided comprehensive liability insurance coverage for any potential damages.

What are the terms of the liability insurance?

  • The insurance covers any potential damage that may occur in connection with the purchase of any used software from Forscope.
  • The insurance covers all transactions throughout Europe.
  • The insurance covers damage up to 20 mil. CZK (or the equivalent of approx. 850 000 €).

The insurance certificate can be viewed here: PDF

About Vienna Insurance Group

Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) is the leading insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe. It consists of more than 50 insurance companies and pension funds with around 29 000 employees, and provides the best possible protection against the risks of day-to-day life for their customers.

What further confirms our credibility?

Liability insurance is just another assurance option we provide to our customers to make buying software from us completely worry-free. However, our goal is to not have to use liability insurance at all.

Our credibility is upheld by the following facts:

  • we have been on the used software market for more than 10 years;
  • we supply our customers with detailed software documentation, complete with the declaration of the first purchaser (necessary prerequisite for legal transfer of software ownership);
  • we are a Microsoft Partner, and have ISO 9001 certification and licensing specialists certified as Software Asset Management Professional by BSA Verafirm;
  • we are a used software supplier of hundreds of public institutions and corporations;
  • we are a financially stable company with transparent economic reporting and auditing.

Would you like to discuss the guarantees we provide for our products further? Contact our Sales team and we will gladly answer any questions that you might have on the topic!


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