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Deloitte Transactional audit: Get confirmation of our products' legality from impartial experts!

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24. 3. 2023

Is your organization planning to purchase used software but you’re concerned about the legal risks associated with it? We at Forscope are here to help! All of our software products are fully legal, but to give you an extra peace of mind, we offer an exclusive option for an additional Transactional audit when ordering used software from us, performed by the trusted consulting firm Deloitte.

Transactional audit of used software licenses

Our offer of Transactional audit by Deloitte is the perfect solution when you prefer to be extra cautious when it comes to used software. It will provide assurance the transaction is fully safe, confirm the delivered used software licenses and their respective legal documentation meet all legally required conditions, and verify the correctness of the transfer of software ownership.

How does the Transactional audit process look?

  1. Upon your request, we will submit the legal documentation for your ordered products to Deloitte.
  2. On the basis of the provided legal documentation, Deloitte conducts a Confirmation Report document, in which they will evaluate whether:
    1. the original licensee is an entity located in the EU or EEA,
    2. the original software license is perpetual,
    3. there are documents from which it can be inferred that the original licensor was paid for the software copy(ies) and in what amount,
    4. the legal documentation provided includes a commitment by the original purchaser to uninstall/discard all prior copies of the software, cease use of the software, and take steps to prevent further use within the original purchaser’s organization.
  3. You will receive the above-mentioned legal documentation together with the audit report document prepared by Deloitte.


The price for the Transactional audit can vary, depending on the terms of a specific project. If you are interested in this service, please get in touch with us, we will provide an individual offer to you.

Deloitte’s expertise

The Deloitte company provides audit and assurance services, consulting, legal and financial advisory, risk management, tax, and other related services to their clients all around the world. With their expertise and quality assurance, you can be confident that the audit report you will receive is thorough and reliable.


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