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Forscope is now a distributor of IceWarp – a comprehensive productivity platform for organisations!

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17. 8. 2023

We have become an official distributor of this browser-based platform, originating in the Czech Republic. IceWarp is an alternative to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, but it is significantly cheaper compared to both solutions – the price is 50% lower than for Microsoft products and 69% than for products from Google. Especially for medium-sized businesses and public institutions, it can be an interesting option to ensure easy collaboration within a team as well as the entire organisation at a great price.

IceWarp offers the same features as its competitors, i.e. mainly work on shared documents, online conferencing, team chat, email on your own domain, calendar, and many more. All in a single web browser window. You can also use the mobile app, so you can work from literally anywhere.

IceWarp interface: Email
IceWarp interface: Calendar
IceWarp interface: TeamChat
IceWarp interface: Conferencing
IceWarp interface: Documents
IceWarp interface: Notes
IceWarp interface: Dashboard

Partnering with IceWarp was a logical step for us. These days, some of our customers often can’t even imagine their working day without office applications, whether they have them on-premise or in the cloud. That’s why we were looking for such a product to add to our portfolio that would best represent our motto (Same value, better price) and our main goal – to help companies and public institutions save on software costs, which can then be used for other necessary investments.

Jakub Šulák
Forscope CEO

The main advantages of the IceWarp product are not just a better price, but also ease of use, all-in-one approach, and the enhanced protection of user data – compared to its competitors, the customers can rely on the fact that their data are not only protected, but also used only within the cloud storage with no other commercial use.

You can learn more about the IceWarp product here.

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