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Activation of older Autodesk products is no longer possible – or is it?

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4. 7. 2022

Owners of Autodesk 2014 products and older may have recently received the following email:

Your Autodesk software is reaching end of activation

Beginning July 1, 2022, Autodesk will no longer support license activation for versions 2011 to 2014, and we ask that you upgrade to a supported version.  You can continue to use your product if you already have it installed, but we will no longer provide support, including re-activation, for these versions. (…)’

This message is misleading and is part of Autodesk’s efforts to make perpetual licenses obsolete and lure as many people as possible to switching to subscription-based software.

Let us make it clear: your software won’t be deactivated! While it’s true that since July 1st, 2022, you are not able to activate newly installed Autodesk 2011-2014 products online (in other words, by putting a product key into the activation window), you can still activate your product by contacting Autodesk technical support. All you have to do is ask for activation by filling the proper form, and they will generate an activation code for you.

You can contact Autodesk technical support (in English) through this link:
The correct path for your inquiry is: Post-purchase support → Install and activate.

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