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Windows 10 Home OEM

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  • Transferable (phone activation)
  • Digital certificate
  • No expiration date
  • Compatible with almost any PC or laptop
Product type:
full version
Distribution type:
transferable OEM; digital certificate
Used software:
yes; we deliver all required documents in accordance with EU laws
Valid for:
Installation method:
installation from the manufacturer's installation file (we provide a link for downloading the file)
32/64 bit
Compatible part numbers:
End of support:
  • Software certificate
  • Documentation in accordance with the EU laws (Seller's Declaration)
  • Confirmation of purchase (invoice)
  • Installation file to download
1 GHz
1 GB RAM (32-bit); 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
Hard disk space:
16 GB (32-bit); 20 GB (64-bit)
DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM 1.0 driver
Is used software legal?

The CJEU (Court of Justice of the European Union) decided that selling used software is legal in 2012. You can read more about the legal background of used software here. We also provide a lifetime legal guarantee. If you’re looking for information about used software and audits, read our article.

We are a Microsoft partner, won’t selling used software be a problem for us?

We have many long-term reseller partners who are also Microsoft partners and as far as we know, it’s never caused any issues. They often use our solution for presenting an alternative offer. We can also buy up redundant software products, which makes their offer even more competitive. Plus, we are a Microsoft partner ourselves.

Are the OEM/Retail software products suitable for public institutions?

We do not offer OEM/Retail types of products, only those from the Volume distribution channel. In general, OEM/Retail software has many disadvantages in comparison with Volume products and can cause unnecessary complications for you and your employees, so we do not advise you to purchase it.

OEM/Retail products can only be activated one by one which can get lengthy and tedious when you purchase dozens of products. What’s more, their transferability is quite complicated, and sometimes is not possible at all. Plus, their management is very demanding since there is no option for centralized changes for all products at once.

Volume products, on the other hand, allow batch activation with only 1 product key, are very easy to transfer from one device or user to another, can be managed centrally via a free VAMT tool and overall bring many other advantages.

Windows 10 Home OEM

A highly improved but ever familiar operating system for home use

As Microsoft assures us, Windows 10 Home makes things happen! The system builds up on its predecessors through its swift, practical, and extremely elegant new features, and through the unprecedented amount of built-in security features that will keep you at peace.


The enhancements in Snap will not let you snap while multitasking! Make all the apps you need visible at once by dragging them as you wish on your screen. If some space is left, Windows will suggest how to fill the gaps with other apps you have started. In addition, you can manage your work by adding and deleting tasks in Task View. This also enables you to see all your active apps, files, and docs easily in one window.


Continuum is the new feature through which Windows is able to detect the type of hardware you are using and choose an appropriate interface for your device. Thus your active tabs will scale smoothly to any display you choose to work with.

Stay edgy with Microsoft Edge

Windows 10’ brand new browser Edge will make the web be at your service! With Microsoft Edge you can write, type, and mark up directly on web pages, and share those with others. The improved address bar will answer your questions before you have finished typing them. And the new reading view will automatically remove the distractions that obstruct you from learning and doing more. In addition, with Microsoft Edge your computer’s battery life lasts significantly longer than with Chrome or Firefox.

Gamers, listen up!

Xbox lovers can now experience a more social type of gaming by sharing their achievements online. Game DVR feature enables the user to record and share the epic victories or funny fails with friends on social networks.

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