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Software Buy Up

Does your company or organisation own perpetual software products you no longer need? If the products meet certain conditions, we offer to buy them from you. Have a look at the list of conditions below and find out how to get paid for your redundant software.

Conditions for the software buy up:

  • You represent a company or an organisation (we do not buy software from individuals).
  • The products that you own are perpetual (no subscriptions), legal, and you have proof of their ownership and authenticity.
  • We can only buy out certain software as we have to take into consideration the amount, type, and year of release of your software products. Please contact us for more information.

Save twice!

Want to upgrade your software? Get it from us! The prices of our products are up to 60% lower than regular retail prices. Save twice by upgrading your software while getting paid for your old one.

Get in touch with us

If you are interested in selling your old software, please get in touch with us by filling-in the form below. You can add a list of the names of the products that you own or other documentation in the attachment of this form.

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