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What to expect in the autumn update of Windows 10?

Windows 10 is still changing and getting better. In autumn (most probably in september) there will be a major upgrade, which is called Fall Creators Update. It is another actualization after the Creators Update which is focused on creative users. What new thing it will bring?

Making stories with Story Remix

It won’t be a ordinary stories, but your very own. Story Remix will help you to create movies. How? It will work with your videos and photos, which will be connected to one storyline, with music in the background. Moviemaker should be embarrassed and blush.

Step back to the past with new Timeline

Timeline is a very interesting app: thanks to it you can easily check, what you were doing on the computer in the past. The time axis will allow you to travel in time, so you will find out, what you were doing, for example, two months earlier. You can easily jump back to the files, webpages and apps, just like you have never left them.

Upgraded Cortana

Cortana has again grown up a little. Thanks to it you will be able to finish the work, that you’ve started on PC, on other device, ex. tablet or mobile phone. And it is not about documents only. On the other devices you can continue watching movies or photos.

My People close at hand

Next new feature is My People function, which will allow you to have your beloved friends or family members on the list and contact them in handy way. It will be now easier for you to socialize with them on skype or e-mail. 

Microsoft Fluent Design

Thanks to the fall actualization we will get a new design. Windows 10 Environment will be designed more user-friendly. 

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