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New Windows 10 story with Story Remix

Last time we’ve written about new Fall Creators Update for Windows 10. One of the biggest news from that list was for sure the new app Story Remix, which will replace the good old Movie Maker. What can we expect from this new program? We will try to tell you something about it.

Whoever used the Movie Maker, probably liked it instantly. Why? Because of the very simple handling. In that matter its successor Story Remix is very similar. It has however many more functions.

3D objects will be part of your video

Not only you will be able to montage your own story with photos and other files, but also to use many more other, sophisticated options. The intuitive movie edition will be enhanced by adding the 3D objects.   

Story Remix will be linked to Remix 3D and Paint 3D, so there will be various objects in your films, which you can draw and create by yourself. And if you don’t want to make them, you can simply choose some models from 3D objects database.

Soundtrack in your movie is an obvious thing

Application is created in such way to be really simple in handling, which also apply to the soundtrack adding. You can choose very easily in Groove, by clicking the Remix button.Then the program will manage it for you, and if you will not be satisfied with the results, you can always change them.

First of all - linking

Story Remix will be available for Android, iOS and Windows. You will be able to synchronize the movie edition on all of your devices. You can for example start editing on your mobile and then finish and polish it on your PC.

Also, Story Remix contains some simple animation effects. But we will know more about that until september, when the program will be available on our Windows 10.

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